Birdwatching news and bird photography from Azerbaijan- by Kai Gauger and Michael Heiß

Freitag, 2. März 2012

nice catches

Text & Photos © K. Gauger

Here are some pics of trapped bird. I have been mist-netting at many places, but mainly in Shirvan NP and at Besh Barmag.

beautiful Blue-cheeked Bea-eaters caught cross a channel in Shirvan NP
Kingfisher, another colourful bird
a samamisicus- Common Redstart, note that this bird has even red in the white wing patch!
Semi-collared Flycatcher, a 2cy male
Woodchat Shrike, also a 2cy male
ad male Turkestan Shrike, first of this subspecies in Azerbaijan
a stinky Hoopoe
two different Nightjars

Scops Owl, one of my favourite birds in hand, they are so cute!
Stonechat with very little white in the tail, so more like a maura...
another one but with a clear variegata-tail 
caspia Reed Buntings, for me more an own species than a subspecies. Look at theese bills and the size compared with the common ones that occur here on migration!
Quail, a very unusal catch in the shrubs...
a superb catch was this young Levant Sparrowhawk
so was this Terek Sandpiper
and this ad female Citrine Wagtail
much more common in the nets are Green Warblers
and in the right habitat also Menetries Warbler
very common on migration are Red-breasted Flycatchers
And now some little brown birds :-))) Can you identify them? Write your comments!


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