Birdwatching news and bird photography from Azerbaijan- by Kai Gauger and Michael Heiß

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Autumn migration continuous

Text & Photos © M. Heiß

Temperature dropped the last few days and obviously forced some more migrating birds to past through the Besh Barmag bottleneck. Thousands of Sky and Calandra Larks are heading south. The number of migrating finches and buntings increases every day, whereas the number of Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, White Wagtails and Yellow Wagtails is decreasing.
Along the coastline flocks of Dalmatian Pelicans can be observed. Furthermore, ducks, cormorants and Black-headed Gulls are common.

Red-breasted Flycatcher are still common in the bushes at the study site.
Numbers of Goldfinches increase day by day.

I am still waiting for White's Thrush but this shy Song Thrush was also nice.

This Greater Flamingo was found resting in a lagoon with another juvenile bird. Both were quite exhausted and not shy, which led to some great photo opportunities.
A rare but probably a regular sight in Azerbaijan - a Baltic Gull.
Single Heuglin's Gulls are still around with a maximum of about 10 birds two weeks ago.

This Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) was also checking the bushes for some resting passerines.

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  1. Eure Fotos sind super! traumhaft schöne Aufnahmen!
    viele Grüße aus Georgien