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Sonntag, 4. März 2018

Nocturnal bird migration data of Besh Barmag bottleneck

Text © Michael Heiß

Thanks to Gerard Troost and the data of a nocturnal bird migration study from Besh Barmag bottleneck is now online available:

Displayed are the number of calls per species for each night, where 'night' is defined as timespan from sunset to sunrise. The temporal calling activity can be obtained by the ‘mouseover’ function of the table.

On the basis of 1465 hours of sound recordings referring to 63 nights in autumn 2011 and 67 nights in spring 2012 (using a long-term recorder from WildlifeAcoustics) a total of 88’455 calls of 106 migrating species were detected.

The paper with the title ‘Nocturnal bird migration at Besh Barmag bottleneck in Azerbaijan as revealed by means of acoustic monitoring‘ is online available:

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